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Frequently asked questions

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What is the meaning of “jadati”?

meaning of „jadati“: my grandmother

“my grandmother” symbolizes an extended family with different generations, brothers and sisters, who help and take care of each other.

“my grandmother” is representing trust and experience.

Who has developed the project?

This project is developed by RE-START Accociation for economical and social prevention and integration e.V. in collaboration with immigrants and people who gained experience in case of taking refuge.

Muslim, Christian and Jude are realizing social work.

What is the reason for establishing Jadati?

Again and again we get messages about

  • sexual assault in accommodations for refugees
  • young women (refugees), who prostitute themselves on the street
  • drug problems
  • rapes and
  • suicides

This news is distressing us. We feel powerless and have a guilty conscience, because of the fact that something like that can happen in a country like Germany, and we -the ones who are being well - can´t do anything.

We know that we are not able to solve all the problems and injustice all over the world. But at least we want to have a hand in making life easier.

  • As Muslims, Christian, Jude and Humanists we are engaged to help other people.
  • As residents of a democratic country we should not only vote but also play an active role in society, because otherwise democracy is not working.
  • As people with an international background, we have to help people, who are new in the country.
In which languages the consulting is provided?

Our service can be used in different languages like

  • German
  • Arabic
  • Afghan
  • Bosnian
  • Persian
  • Hebrew
  • Kurdish
  • Russian
  • Turkish

Online consulting

How much does it cost to use the service?

Our service is 100% for free.

Where I can find the online consulting?

Click the button at the bottom right to start your online consulting.

Am I stay anonymous?

Your personal data is not asked. The information you share remains anonymous for %100.

Jadati Team
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